To order a painting

All the paintings you find on this website have been recently painted. Please, let me know by email if you have seen one which interests you. As soon as possible I will then reply to you and inform you whether the painting is still available or not, or whether I have other paintings that look alike.


There is also the possibility to order a painting, inspired, for example, by an existing painting but in the size and colour that you want.


Frames and Shipping

We propose frames of our own design as well as manufactured ones, in different colours and sizes.

It is also possible to have your painting shipped if you cannot collect is by yourself.



We are located at:


Donker Curtiusstraat 2A

1051 JN Amsterdam


+31(0) 20 6814456



Coming from the centre of Amsterdam,

Go west to S 103 on the Haarlemmerweg. Enter the Van Hallstraat and take the side street in the corner.

That is the Donker Curtiusstraat. You will find us after 50 meters to the right.



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