Painting is my lifestyle 



Through the making of landscape I express what I consider as my own cultural background, a “French – Dutch” related feeling close to my own identity. Landscape is like music; it is a sort of universal language. The art of making consists of finding a perfect balance between the colours and the texture, between the dynamic and the serenity, between the lines and the surfaces, etc. Landscapes have in the last ten years of my work always been a big help in terms of finding my own way of evolution as a painter. Every piece is a never ending story, where the power of the colour is what matters. I find them fascinating to make and I think they really touch the people into their souls.  


Abstract visual creatures

Primary colours are fascinating but also so powerful that they need to be controlled in a painting. Still, what I am trying to reach on that level is freedom. The trueness of colour seen as a way of expression. I see fantasy landscapes as a form of escape from the mind and a reach for that particular feeling that I am visualizing.  

My vision in those works is abstract, but not completely. A mix of fantasy and landscape, These paintings represent this world or a phenomenon related to it. What I want them to be is, in fact, a free and spontaneous form of visual expression.

These kinds of paintings radiate a peaceful and organic set of emotions that touches the eye. They represent for me a search for pure visual pleasure, exploring instinctively the dimension from my own eyes and personality.

© 2008 denis Le Gallic

Denis Le Gallic Paintings