Painting is my lifestyle




Curriculum Vitae


Denis Le Gallic was born on the 9th of October 1964 in Epernay (France).


1980:               First painting: abstract work using glass


1982:               Three months study at the Art School of Reims (France)


1982:               Creates society “Axes” with partner artists


1982-1988:     Various expositions, performances and installations in “off circuit” in France; Realisation of fresco’s                         with children and teenagers within society “Axes”


1988:               Moving to Amsterdam


1988-1999:     Some small expositions in galleries in the Netherlands, and projects for the 

                        interiors of pubs and clubs in France and in Amsterdam


1993:               Starting on the art market in Amsterdam with landscapes and abstract 

                        paintings. Doing that on a professional level since 1999


1998:               Opening of the gallery in Amsterdam

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